How to Make Sure Next Year’s Bulbs Look Great

From time to time we all encounter a situation where some of our garden is growing well and looking healthy but yet some of it is not. Most garden owners have an understandable high expectation for their garden all year round.

Most garden owners seem to have a one size fits all approach to their gardening which does not always seem to turn our best for everyone. Different situation may well require certain approaches to ensure good results all round.

In the following article by Bryan Clayton he explains in detail how the one size fits all approach definitely does not work especially when it comes to lawn care as well as bulb care.

“Keeping Your Lawn Looking Beautiful And Healthy at The Same Time”

I was speaking with a neighbor the other day. She was telling me about how her lawn was not as healthy as it could be. She told me that the flowers in her front garden bed were not producing anymore flowers; and yet, her back flowers were doing okay in this situation. She honestly did not know what to do about it.

She was shaking her head in puzzlement. The same day another neighbor came up to me with a different issue.

She told me that her front flowers in the bed were looking a bit sickly. These flowers had turned yellow. They looked God-awful. She did not know what to do either. She told me she was doing everything she could; and yet, the problem was happening.

I asked them both about the lawn care company they used. Both admitted that they didn’t really pay that close attention to what was going on. I told my neighbors that the company probably used some sort of fertilizer, a fertilizer that was affecting the lawn and soil.

This very same day, a third neighbor came up to me and inquired about how to get better lawn care. I decided that instead of speaking to each one separately, I was going to do this as a three-in-one shot.

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So as the previous article made a clear case for avoiding the most common approaches to gardening and adopting a more custom approach to ensure the long term health of your lawn and plants. In the following article Chad Miller provides helpful time saving lawn care tips to make your gardening life much simpler.

“Time is a limited resource, you can’t make more of it. Tackling those projects around your home could save you some money but there is one thing DIY won’t save you, time. Whether you are a passionate do-it-yourself lawn care enthusiasts or call on lawn care companies for help with some tasks from time to time, there are some ways you can save a lot of time in the long run.

7 Time Saving Lawn Care Tips


1) Mow your lawn more frequently.

More frequently? Won’t that take more time? Not necessarily. If you let too much time go between mowing you will end up with more grass clippings laying on your lawn. That could mean lots of time raking and toting bags to the curb or compost pile. The best way to mow your lawn is to do it frequently enough that you’re only removing 1/3 of the blade at a time and use a mulching blade to recycle nutrients back into your lawn. It may mean more times each year you may mow but it could save you time compared to that time-consuming clean-up.

2) Install landscaping beds to reduce trimming.

If you install mulch beds around your structures, trees, and other obstacles it can reduce the amount of time you will need to spend running the string trimmer. If you cut a physical edge while mulching your beds versus having edging sticking up, you can let your mower ride over the edge and cut that grass. This could mean you don’t even need to run a trimmer every time you mow. If you don’t know how to tie your landscaping beds together in a tasteful manner, consult with a landscaping company and/or a landscape designer.

3) Spray weeds in your lawn instead of pulling them.

There are weed control materials that can control weeds in your lawn without damaging your turfgrass. These selective materials can help to manage broadleaf weeds, crabgrass, and nutsedge. Be sure to do your research if you plan on applying these materials yourself and follow the label directions. Spraying weeds not only saves time, it will help to control the whole plant. Pulling weeds doesn’t always remove the whole plant leaving it to re-grow later.

4) Use a lawn care service to aerate and/or seed your lawn.

Before you decide to aerate or seed your lawn yourself, get some estimates from a lawn care service on performing the work for you. Most times they will have equipment that can perform this task in a fraction of the time it may take you. It may be worth the little bit more you’ll spend to hire a pro than borrowing a truck and trailer, driving to the rental store, picking up seed at the store, unloading the machine, running it for hours on your lawn, washing the machine off to avoid a surcharge, loading the machine back up, driving to the rental store, and returning home to soak in a hot tub from all of that hard work.”

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So there you have it. You are now equipped with some useful tips and information to ensure you are saving time and money and have a beautiful garden on display all year round. You’re on your way to becoming the envy of your friends and neighbors and getting asked whats your gardening secret. Using this practical advice will ensure you always have a thriving garden which you will love for many years to come.

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