The Basics of Gardening

Gardening can be defined as a useful work of growing a bunch of useful plants or growing of ornamental plants that add beauty to your garden. The useful plants are plants such as spinach that can have medical values and can be consumed as food or in other words they have a useful thing for the humans. Some of the useful plants are vegetables and fruits.

The ornamental plants are the plants such as lily, hibiscus that yield beautiful flowers that add beauty to the garden. These plants improve the overall appearance of the garden. Gardening has a wide range of scale from short herbs to herbaceous plants. Gardening is a completely different thing from the forestry or farming.

Types of gardening

There are many types of gardening depending on the scale and location of it. Residential gardening is the type of gardening that takes place in the house campus or in the area near the house. The place where the gardening is done is called as garden.

The residential garden should not be necessarily located in the place near a house instead it can also be present in the atrium or in the balcony or in the window or in any other place of the house.
Indoor gardening is another type of gardening in which the plants are grown in an indoor facility such as inside a building or in a tent. This is usually done for public flower shows or for selling the plants. These plants can also be a part of the air conditioning systems in a building.

Gardening can also be done in public places such as in parks. This can be very helpful in improving the environment to stay healthy. Gardening is also usually done in hospitals, schools, college campuses and in many other organizations to improve the surrounding environment.

Water gardening is one type of gardening in which the plants are grown underwater. These types of gardening include aquarium plants and others. There is also another type of gardening called container gardening in which a set of plants are grown in a container which could be outdoors or indoors.

Community gardening is type of gardening in which a certain group of people such as people from same locality or people from the same community grow plants and look after it by dividing it into portions. This is done in favor of the environment and of social interest. The gardens are usually located in a public place.

The people who look after these plants are called as gardeners. The term gardener can also be applied to a person who designs a landscape depending on the plants and the need of it.

So there you have it. Now you know the basics of growing basic plants and vegetables in your own backyard. There are many other different types of garden subjects that you can do your own research on too. Find one that interests you and then pursue that type of gardening so that you enjoy what you’re gardening which leads to a more successful garden.

Home gardening is a delightful hobby. Whether you like getting on your knees and working with garden dirt or just watering the yard, it’s healthy and fun to be outside growing for fun or for food.

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