DIY Ideas: Low Budget Fantastic Garden Pots

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There are a lot of amazing decorations that you can make from old stuff.  Today we will present you some ideas for diy garden planters/ pots from an old piece of stuff. An attractive garden can include beautiful examples of flora. Flowers are a great part of any garden.

What do you do when your plant need more space to grow or simply what do you do when normal planters aren’t enough for your specific needs? With these ideas,make unique DIY garden pots for your plants and flowers. 

Top 7 Low-Budget DIY Garden Pots

Want to make that piece of land in front of your house or at the back of your house look amazing and don’t have enough money? Do not worry; we have the best DIY ideas to make some fantastic garden pots.

1. Plastic Bottles

Do you drink bottled water or have too many bottles at home after you bought those cool drinks for the party you had at your house? This cool plastic bottle hack is just the thing you need to create pots you can use to plant your favourite plants.

2. Kitchenware

Got some broken cups and plates and ready to throw them? Well, look at this beautiful DIY using tea cups and plates. These were turned into cute little pots and can be placed in your garden or your window sills.

You can use a multitude of things to make pots using kitchenware, for example, Pans, kettles, mugs, cooker etc.

Turn your old cookware into interesting and beautiful pots.

3. Footwear

Sounds outright crazy or is difficult to imagine footwear being turned to a pot? You heard it right.  Look at this DIY idea to turn your old shoes into some beautiful garden pots. Recolor or don’t colour at all, they still can look amazing when arranged in your garden. It is easy to make and definitely very low on budget.

4. Tyres

Do you love driving? Do you own a car or a bike or a cycle? Do you have worn out and old tyres lying somewhere in the store room? It’s time for you to get them out to your garden and use them as home to some of your favourite flowers. Hang them or just place them on the ground, they can make you garden look amazing without spending a lot of money.

5. Toys

Kids keep breaking toys you buy for them, turning them to waste to be thrown into the dustbin? Well, do not throw them yet. Drive them into your garden and create your little garden pot on wheels.  This amazing hack lets you feel good about making something useful out of waste and save your kids from all the scolding you might shower on them.  These toys may just make your garden look outright adorable.

6. Cans

Small or big get them all! Cans make the best items to be turned to some amazing pots. Paint them to look all cute or funky. Let them reflect your style and decorate your garden with this amazing DIY hack.

7. Furniture

Throw your old furniture away or just take them into your garden and let your furniture be used for plants to rest on. Take your withered chair or your broken sofa out and turn them into creative garden pots. Plant flowers or other plants and make everyone awed with your creativity.

Follow some of the above DIY ideas or think of some more to decorate your garden. Give your garden the Diva look with these very simple and cost effective ideas. Don’t let decoration be heavy on your pocket.

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