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The first step

To take the first step in transforming your existing garden or turning that blank canvas surrounding your newly built house, either pick up the phone and talk to one of our friendly designers or fill in the enquiry form on the contact us page and we will call you back and explain the process from initial ideas to the final construction.

The three stages of the garden landscape design and construction process are outlined briefly below.


From your initial enquiry we set up a time for a consultation. Every customer has unique landscape garden design requirements which is why we emphasise the importance of a one-to-one consultation at your home. This gives us the opportunity to view the existing garden (or future site) and your house. We make observations about the surroundings, making notes of drainage issues, soil type and anything else that may affect the design and then most importantly we sit down and listen to you, the client, and your individual requirements.

We suggest ideas encouraging the client to give us ongoing feedback, this process continues until the client is fully satisfied with the direction of the concepts. This meeting formulates the brief to which we base our landscape garden design on. We discuss the construction budget and at the end of the consultation we can quote the price for drawing up the design (outlined below).

If further design services are not required, the initial consultation fee which is a minimum charge to cover time and travel costs is now due.


We return on-site at a mutually convenient time to conduct a site line and level survey, making more detailed observations, accurate measurements and take photographs for reference. We develop the design based on the initial suggestions discussed at the initial consultation. Any new issues that arise during the design process and survey are discussed with the client.

The design includes production of a set of scale colour plans including the planting schedule which details individual plant species, quantities and pot sizes. Labelled colour photos accompanying the plans are also provided for your visual reference. We present the finished design to the client and provide the construction costings.

Our customer satisfaction guarantee is that the design will be revised if necessary until the customer is happy with the design (unless the changes are outside of the brief). Payment for the design is due after the satisfactory presentation of the plans.


Once the customer has agreed to the costings provided with the plans, we will get the quotation confirmed by the various trades and suppliers involved in the construction. We then schedule the starting date of the construction.

The first progress payment is due on first day of construction and further payments are required at pre-discussed intervals to cover cost of labour and materials.

When the construction is finished, we have a walkthrough with the client, the landscaper and the designer. After the satisfactory handover, the balance of the construction payment is due.

You are now ready to enjoy your new garden for many years to come.

Contact Russell White on 0421 734 884 or click here to go to the Contact Us page.

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