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Thinking of a landscape design for your home? John French Landscape Design is a multi award winning landscape designer & garden design company, based in Eltham,  Victoria that can transform your property into a distinguished, unique landscape that will serve to relax, entertain and impress.

John’s long presence in the industry has allowed him to develop successful partnerships with reputable organisations in parallel industries, such as construction and architecture. This ensures that he is able to recommend the most qualified contractors to clients to support his landscaping ideas and visions. Find out what people say!

Our services

Naturally, the selection of the perfect landscape designers Eltham Victoria offers is of vital importance to homeowners. This is why John French is one of the most sought after services in the area. These are just some of the services we offer. Contact us to find out more.

Environmental Design

We take great effort to incorporate ecological awareness and sustainability into our projects, and minimizing resource consumption of the plants introduced by using drought tolerant genus.  This is an important aspect of our Melbourne landscaping designs.

Landscape Gardening

The art of garden landscape ideas lies in the selection of plants that will flourish within particular micro climates. A varied selection of seasonal and permanent plants, along with height, colour, foliage and planting symmetry, is important towards achieving the ideal garden. 

Pool Landscaping

Every great pool landscaping idea has to start with a great concept, one that ideally combines elements of nature with sparkling blue waters. If you’re looking at something more than the traditional square concrete pool, then picture a natural lagoon hidden inside a lush garden.

Patio Design

Backyard and front yard landscaping and patio design can instantly transform existing properties. The artful and creative additions of a patio, fire pits, deck and ferns, among others, will elevate the aesthetic appeal and value of properties. Everything from japanese and small garden and yard ideas including backyards and contemporary design.

Construction Administration

Managing a construction schedule and crew, along with fulfilling regulatory and legal requirements, is a time-consuming task that is best left in the hands of trusted and experienced professionals – something that the company has an abundance of.

Landscape Architecture

Commercial, urban, residential and public domain developments require landscape designers that can communicate a winning vision of the project to regulatory bodies, civic groups and concerned citizens. For existing structures, an artfully designed landscape by landscape architects can be a source of pride and comfort for the building occupants, which automatically enhances the perceived value of the property. 
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