Garden Design Ideas In Creating Your Ideal Getaway

We recently came across the following excellent article from Matt Lacey and decided to post it on our blog for our readers. It contains many useful ideas which will inspire and motivate you in coming up with a garden landscape design which fits into your lifestyle.

With the right landscape design ideas you can create a home away from home right in your own backyard. There is nothing more satisfying than creating spaces that owners truly treasure and go into to get away from it all. Happy reading 🙂

Turn your Garden into a Holiday Destination

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Want to bring that holiday feeling into your home? Landscape Designer, Matt Leacy, from Landart Landscapes, gives insight into transforming your backyard into your dream destination.

Pining for Provence

Perfect for larger spaces, backyards in need of some direction. If you don’t mind a little maintenance and some pottering in the garden then perhaps Provence is for you
• The Elements: Privacy focused, intimate atmosphere, alfresco dining
• Materials: Natural timbers/ wood, sandstone; rustic/ iron furniture (round tables)
• Think of incorporating:
– Veggie patch/ garden
– Planting in large pots – Citrus trees and lavender in terracotta urns
– Make a grid of paving squares using terracotta pavers – use geometry to divide the space into useful areas
– Use climbing plants on the house, shed or wall for a romantic, informal look (Boston ivy, climbing roses, honeysuckle)

The Beauty of Bali

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Always been a fan of the tropics? Enjoy spending warm afternoons under the shade of your palms or in the comfort of your outdoor lounges. Create the perfect zen environment …

• The Elements: Flowering plants palm trees, bamboo, open/ airy spaces
• Materials: natural tones e.g. Timber decking, limestone framing, large clay/ coated pots, hammocks
• Think of incorporating:
– Statues – dark stoned Buddha’s for example
– Low to ground day beds, plush outdoor furniture, covered garden cabanas/ gazebos
– Water features/ fish ponds
– Feature lighting from garden/ plants/ trees
– Stepping stones, garden paths
– Lanterns

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