What’s the Best Way to Clean Decking?

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Designing and building a deck suited to your wants and needs can be fun and exciting. But when it comes to care and maintenance, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into beforehand. Examine the pros and cons of composite or wood decking — specifically when it comes to how to clean your decking. And in addition to routine cleaning, you should also be aware of other maintenance work you may need to do from time to time on your deck.

For natural wood lovers, properly cleaning a wood deck requires annual care. You can buy deck cleaning solution at your local hardware store or make your own homemade concoctions from various household products that are effective in fighting mildew, algae, oil and debris.

In addition to cleaning, you’ll also need to routinely stain or seal your natural deck to keep it looking fresh and protect it from the harsh effects of elemental damage — mainly heat and moisture. In some cases, your natural wood deck may also splinter, requiring sanding or replacing loose boards from time to time.

Composite decks on the other hand, offer a lower level of all-around maintenance – they won’t splinter and you don’t need to worry about periodic staining, painting or sealing projects.

Let’s learn more about tackling cleaning and keeping your deck in great shape!

How to clean garden decking effectively

Decking is a fantastic addition to any garden, but it needs extra care and attention to keep it looking its best. Luckily, deck maintenance doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right deck cleaning products, you can completely transform the appearance of your decking – and keep it functional for years to come.

Whether your deck is looking a bit worse for wear or you simply want to spruce up your patio for summer, we’ve got you covered! Our handy guide will show you how to clean garden decking effectively in a few easy steps.

When to clean your decking

Since your deck is exposed to the elements year-round, regular maintenance is key to its longevity. If you want to keep your decking in tip-top shape, give it a thorough cleaning at least once per year.

An annual wash can breathe new life into your deck, preserve the integrity of the wood, and ultimately help to prevent costly repairs.

How to clean garden decking in five simple steps

Step 1: clear and prepare the area

Start by clearing everything from the surface of your deck. Remove anything that might get in your way – from large patio furniture to small potted plants and everything in between

Next, grab a broom and give the entire area a thorough sweep. Brush away dust and leaves, and pay particular attention to any nooks and crannies where debris can collect.

Step 2: hose or pressure wash

Use a pressure washer or garden hose to loosen and rinse away any dirt or grime. Aim the sprayer directly at heavily soiled spots to remove as much debris as possible.

Just remember: if you’re using a pressure washer, this step needs to be done with great care. A pressure washer can quickly damage the wood if used too closely, making it even harder to clean or treat. Choose the lowest setting and leave at least a few feet between the spray nozzle and the surface of your deck.

Once you’ve addressed the most problematic areas, be sure to spray in between the decking boards to rinse away any remaining twigs, leaves or grass.

Step 3: scrub and rinse

To avoid damaging your decking, create a gentle cleaning solution with warm water and liquid dish soap. Alternatively, you can use a speciality wood deck cleaner.

Saturate the surface and scrub the deck with a stiff-bristled brush or sponge until the cleaning solution starts to lather. Let mixture stand for 5 to 10 minutes (or follow the instructions on the deck cleaner label).

Lastly, rinse with clean water and leave the deck to dry.

Step 4: treat mould and algae

When it comes to mould and algae, the best way to clean decking is with a ready to use a concentrated disinfectant treatment like Patio Magic! Ready To Use Spray. Not only will this formula remove stubborn stains, but it also protects mould and algae re-growth from accumulating in the future.

Simply spray the treatment onto affected areas and let it dry. There’s no need to pressure wash or scrub beforehand, so it’s the perfect way to revitalise and maintain your deck with minimal effort.

Step 5: reseal

It’s always a good idea to reseal the deck after you give it a deep clean. Some sealers may include a waterproofing agent or mildew protection, so be sure to explore your options and find the best product for your deck.

Sweep the deck once more to remove any dirt or dust that may have accumulated while it was drying. Then, apply the sealer according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Let the sealant coat dry fully before moving furniture and accessories back onto the deck.

These tips will ensure your deck is looking spotless and summer-ready in no time!

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