Why Is Gardening Important for the Environment?

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Organic gardening is a whole new technique to learn, full of terminology and techniques that may not be familiar to the conventional gardener. Is it worthwhile to learn these techniques? Of course! Organic gardening has profound environmental and health benefits. By using fewer pesticides and chemical fertilizers, it reduces the chemical load in our environment, and plants, animals, and humans are not exposed to potentially toxic chemicals. Organic gardening creates thriving garden spaces that are built on a foundation of soil health and plant diversity.

How Gardens Help the Environment

A garden is that one place in our household where we go to rejuvenate ourselves and enjoy a sense of calmness. But do you know gardens are extremely beneficial to the environment as well? Here we’ll discuss how gardens help the environment and why you should look forward to planting one if you haven’t already.

Whether it’s reducing pollution, minimizing soil erosion, or providing a natural habitat for birds, gardens are extremely important for the environment around us.

How gardens help the environment

Helps reduce air & noise pollution

We all learned in school how planting trees helps reduce the level of air and noise pollution around us. When you plant various types of trees and plants in your garden, the amount of oxygen they produce is also increased significantly. This helps to mitigate the harmful air pollution that’s released from the engines of our cars and machines.

Ever wondered why gardens are so peaceful and quiet? This is because the trunks, stems and thick leaves of a plant help absorb all the excess noises. So if your house is located close to a busy road or highway, planting trees and plants can help you dampen the annoying honks and engine sounds.

Protects local wildlife

Birds and squirrels who’ve lost their homes due to deforestation need a natural habitat in which they can thrive — and your garden can be the perfect place for them. Fragrant flowers and plants also attract butterflies and bees, which are great pollinators who benefit the environment.

Increases oxygen

Have you ever thought about why we feel so fresh and rejuvenated in the mountains or a rainforest? It’s due to the purity of oxygen in the atmosphere. When we plant more trees and shrubs in our garden, the quality of the air around the area increases due to the increased oxygen production. Think of it like a mini rainforest in your own back yard!

Reduces carbon footprint

The idea of eating locally grown food can seem challenging, but it has so many benefits. On average, foods travel approximately 1600 miles before reaching your nearest local store. To transport them, hundreds of gallons of fuel are burned and released into the environment. By growing your own food in your garden, you help reduce your carbon footprint, greatly benefiting the earth.

Reduces the size of landfills

Landfills are the sites used to dump trash and garbage from your home. According to experts, 30% of these landfills are filled with yard waste and food scraps. In the long run, these materials pile up and take a lot of space in these landfills, which creates a gas called methane that’s very harmful to our environment.

To help mitigate this, you can use various methods of reducing waste such as planned composting, mulching and recycling. Even bagging fall leaves and using them in next year’s soil cover is a great idea. By recycling and reusing materials in your garden, you reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills.

Ready to plant your own garden?

Now that you understand how gardens help the environment, you’re probably ready to invest the time and money required to plant one of your own. Be sure to check out the must-have garden plants and must-have garden herbs, as well as the essential garden tools to ensure you have everything you need to create a beautiful garden that’s also good for the planet. (Make sure you also brush up on how to clean your garden tools properly.) And once you get really serious about gardening, consider investing in a garden scooter and a retractable garden hose to make it easier and more enjoyable. Happy gardening!

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