Backyard Landscaping Ideas Melbourne Provides Now

We regularly get asked for suggestions on good design elements to incorporate into a landscape garden design. While we strive to help many people there is no one size fits all when it comes to something as subjective as this is especially when it comes to backyard landscaping ideas Melbourne residents want. We came across the following article which has several garden design ideas, some of which may just be what you are looking for.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas Melbourne Can Offer

Ideas for a beautiful backyard that you can do yourself for minimal cost. Create pathways, ponds, patios and decks. Plant with beautiful flowers and shrubs to create any mood that fits your personality and suits your mood..

All photos in this lens are from my own garden. Enjoy!

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Ponds Add Serenity To A Backyard Landscape

One of my favorite hobbies is to build fish ponds. Anyone can build one. My property is not on water so I chose to bring water to me.

First I decided where I wanted my pond to be, then got my shovel and started digging.

Pond supply stores carry all the necessary parts, liners and pipes.

Many books are available to assist a beginner. And be sure to check out YouTube.

Be aware, however, it can become an obsession. One pond leads to fish, then bigger fish require yet another pond.

There is still plenty of room on my property for more ponds, but they do require more maintenance than I choose to spend on more than two bodies of water.

Koi Pond
Koi Pond

My Koi Pond

Caution: Building Ponds Can Be Addictive

Once the fish in my pond began attracting the local heron I had to make a decision. If I were to keep Koi I would need a pond that couldn’t be accessed by herons. The result was this 5 foot deep pond with straight sides. This prevented the heron from gaining any foothold, therefore keeping the Koi safe.

I now have two ponds, two creeks and 3 waterfalls in my backyard sanctuary. Stay tuned for more. (smile)

Fairy Water Feature
Fairy Water Feature
Newest Water Feature

I replaced my vegetable garden with a new “outdoor room.” It includes a fire pit for evening enjoyment but is the last place the sun is shining on my backyard. To complete the serenity the sound of running water was required so I built this small water feature.

It is simply a plastic container buried in a small hole in the ground to circulate the water. After placing a wire over the top of the container, I placed river rock over the area so the water appears to just disappear into the ground. Simple and soothing, day or night.

Backyard Ponds

Whether you decide to build a garden pond yourself or hire a professional, the following video is packed with ideas and inspiration. Notice various aspects such as what kind of rocks were used, how the area is planted with foliage. Whether your pond is small or large many ideas in this video can be incorporated in your project. It is a beautiful video. Enjoy!

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