Curb Appeal Landscaping Ideas For Your Home

Landscape Curbing is an art, all about level and flow. Landscape curbing is an exceptional accent to any property; turning ordinary landscapes into a unique and elegant masterpiece. Whether you are looking to add curb appeal or functionality to your landscape, Landscape Curbing is by far the best choice for all your edging needs.

If you are looking at unique ways to accent your space, then considering landscape curbing can help you to add the extra outdoor touch. Understanding how to work with the trend of landscape curbing can help you to add in even more value to your home. Check out this curb appeal ideas for your home.

Curb Appeal Basics

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Landscaping & Hardscaping

  • Add a Focal Point: Provide a focal point to draw onlookers eyes across your landscape. This can be nearly anything-a particularly attractive tree, a marble statue, the perfect bench, a fountain, etc. Think of this as the anchor that ties it all together.
  • Keep it Neat and Tidy: Overgrown shrubs will disrupt the view of the house itself. Keep your shrubs well pruned and your beds free of weeds to create a clean and composed look.
  • Out with the Old: Dead or dying shrubs should be removed and replaced promptly. Empty planters and dried up, dead plants are a major eyesore and will likely be the first thing that onlookers notice.
  • In with the New: Inexpensive annuals provide a much needed boost of color that will make your home seem much more welcoming.landscape curbing
  • Give your Beds a Face-lift: Simply weeding and mulching existing beds makes a world of difference. Fresh mulch will help suppress weeds while providing a backdrop for your foliage, allowing your well-manicured shrubs and flowers to stand out among their surroundings.
  • Accentuate with Hardscaping: Edging a bed with a border of pavers is a great way to boost your curb appeal and create a feeling of elegance. A path from the road to the door creates an inviting ambiance while drawing the viewer’s eye to the entryway. This can be created with an alley of trees, hedges, or rows of flowers along a path of bricks or pavers.
  • Light the Way: Lighting will increase curb appeal while promoting a feeling of safety and security. You can use solar lights to illuminate a walkway or spotlights to accentuate your most attractive trees and shrubs.

Create an Appealing Entryway

An entryway should be warm and inviting. A well defined path draws the eye across the landscape and to the door. Potted plants or arbors with flowering vines on either side of a door create a warm and welcoming feel while providing a pop of color. A fresh coat of paint and some new hardware will freshen up an old door. Coordinate the outside of your home with your landscaping to create a cohesive look; for example, if you have a blue door, placing planters nearby with a mix of blue and yellow (or white) flowers will provide contrast and tie it all together.

Outdoor Living Areas: The power of the porch!

This is probably the best way to get the most bang for your buck! A cozy seating area implies that the residents enjoy a relaxing and comfortable life. Don’t go overboard with the furniture. For a narrow porch, a simple bench and a small side table will do the trick. Larger porches may have room for cozy rocking chairs, a porch swing, or even an outdoor table for entertaining.

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Potted plants are a fantastic way to add a bit of privacy and a lot of vivacity. Weather it’s a hanging fern or a large assortment of colorful flowers, adding that splash of color to your porch will increase your curb appeal (and possibly even attract a few butterflies).

Mailbox Makeover

Your mailbox should compliment your home and express your personality. You can dress up a mailbox by painting the post to match the exterior of the house. Single-color mailboxes can be attractive as well (see the clean, white mailbox above). Adding flowers around the base of the mailbox is a simple and effective way make your home seem more cheery and inviting. For a low maintenance option, create an edge using evergreen border-grass and fill in the gaps with some bright annual flowers that accentuate the rest of your landscaping.

Decorative landscape curbing can beautify your landscape, increase curb appeal, decrease the time spent trimming around landscape beds and increase your property value. See how creative edge landscape curbing can transform your yard by viewing our portfolio.

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