How To Design A Front Yard Vegetable Garden

growing-a-vegetable-garden-in-melbourneFront yard vegetable gardens are an increasingly popular move by homeowners and health enthusiasts alike. In Melbourne VIC, sustainable gardening is really catching on. There are several advantages to having a front yard vegetable garden, such as sustainable eating and farm-friendly products. But how can you incorporate a front yard vegetable garden with your current landscape design? Are there specialty garden designers available to help? This guide can help you successfully design the front yard vegetable garden of your dreams.

Landscape Designer in the City

According to the City of Melbourne, it is easy to create a beautiful garden when:

• Water is conserved
• Plants are used to not only sustain ourselves, but to provide food and shelter for natural wildlife
• Our gardens reduce the use of chemicals in the soil
• Compost is used to prevent the amount of waste going to landfills
So how can a beautiful garden be achieved in Melbourne VIC? A lot of residents live in smaller complexes or homes with little front yard space. But you don’t need to be a professional landscape designer to design a front yard vegetable garden. Garden designers will recommend some of their favorite tricks of the trade to help you create a unique and naturally appealing front yard kitchen.

Make your Edibles Blend In

By incorporating a lot of herbs in your front yard garden, you can create a natural effect that will bring a lot of curb appeal. Herbs such as basil and fennel offer green, leafy treats that give your small farm a more garden-like visage. Many edibles, such as vegetables and fruits, can stick out, especially when you are planting them to be sustainable. Many root vegetables are planted in rows, making good use of the soil. However, this may be an unappealing visual for those walking past the front of your house. To contribute to a green and leafy environment, disguise your edibles by parsing out herbs and other vegetables that blend in.

grow-tomatoe-in-melbourneAccording to garden designers, plants such as artichoke and sage create a great natural appearance. They sprout leaves and flowers that will make your front yard look like a regular and green-rich garden.
Add succulents throughout your garden as well, which will provide a burst of color and natural beauty to your front yard kitchen. Since it’s often sunny in Melbourne VIC, your succulents will bloom quickly and happily.

Reclaimed Woods and Metals

Another landscape design technique that’s rising in popularity is the use of reclaimed wood, galvanized steel, or corrugated metal to section off parts of your garden. Add a ring of corrugated steel throughout your gardens, where your leafy green herbs and veggies will sprout up and pour over the top. This gives your front yard an urban yet rustic appeal, which will make passersby do a double take when visiting the front of your house.

Make sure to interchange your vegetables and herbs with leafy crops, which can add texture and depth to your front yard garden. Edibles such as kale, lettuce, red mustard, and arugula offer great natural leaves, which fold over the side of your rustic metal or reclaimed wood designs.

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