Garden Design Ideas For Your Home

Garden Design Ideas

garden design ideas for your homeSpending time in the garden is a great way to ensure that you get lots of fresh air and sun, and often a good way to ensure you get some exercise too if you kick a ball around with the children or throw one for the dogs. Great garden design ideas require proper thought and planning. At the same time the act of gardening is something that many of us find highly enjoyable and that we often find a lot of pride in – and you can even grow your own fruit and vegetables which is a healthy, eco friendly, money saving and highly rewarding activity.

On top of this it’s also a fantastic place to entertain guests, or enjoy a romantic meal. Many people don’t use their gardens enough, and don’t consider how nice it can be to eat outside every now and then in order to enjoy the stars and some candlelight while you share dinner. It’s just as romantic and special as eating out at a restaurant or something but completely free. When you have a party, then having people stand in the garden drinking cocktails is one of the best ways to ensure there’s space for everyone and they’re all having a good time.

Putting Your Garden Design Ideas Into Action

In order to facilitate all these great garden activities though, you need to have a great garden design. This design needs to at once look the part – so that you actually want to spend time in it, and be practical so that it provides space for all these activities. If you have a big family and you want to do all the things listed above this can be a challenge – for example if you love gardening and rearing vegetables, but your children love playing football, then the garden needs to provide a space for football that is away from the plants and flowers.

Good garden designs that cater for lots of different purposes then will often use various ‘sections’ within the garden that cater to particular activities and uses. You might for example have an area for eating with a table and perhaps under a canopy. This way you can sit underneath the shelter even in the rain and be protected from the rain and falling leaves while you eat. This area will need a patio too so that you can go out in nice shoes without getting muddy, and something leading up to it.

Meanwhile if this area is near all of your plants and flowers then it will look more decorative and scenic while you eat. It makes sense for this area to be by the door, as you will likely be coming and going in order to get your food and drinks, and because the table area will also be perfect for entertaining guests and standing drinks – and at parties people tend to congregate by the door in the garden.

For football and games, or for sunbathing you will then need an open area of grass and thisgarden design ideas should be as far from the plants etc as possible. If you can have multiple tiers for your garden this is a perfect way to section that area off.

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