How To Grow Lawn From Seed In Melbourne

A Guide On Growing Lawn From Seed

growing-a-vegetable-garden-in-melbourneYou need not become a professional landscape designer to succeed in Growing lawn from seed in Melbourne Victoria Australia. For people in the eastern suburbs, the following six stages will guide you.

1. Scarification

The first thing you’ll need to do is prepare the garden. Scarification is the process in which moss, thatch, and weeds are removed. You can either do this by hand with a garden rake or use a scarifier.

Depending on your lawn’s size you may want to hire an electric scarifier. Otherwise, you may have to do this by hand twice to make sure all the weed has gone.

The Trick To Growing Lawn From Seed

2. Aeration

Aerating involves creating holes in the ground to allow the air, fertilizer, and water to get to the grass roots. This will also give them the room to grow deep and thick. Make sure your lawn is aerated about twice a year to maintain good roots.

3. Sowing Grass Seeds

You can either sow your new lawn seeds by hand or with a spreader. A push spreader comes in handy when fertilizing as it makes it easier to evenly distribute the grass seeds, having run out while using the hand method. If you have a really large lawn, you might want to hire or buy a trailer spreader.

If you’re sowing by hand, sow lightly at first to ensure you don’t run out of seed half way through. You can always add any leftover lawn seed later on.

4. Top Dressing

For top dressing your new lawn, you’ll need to use high-quality soil, sieved to remove lumps and stones. It’s best to buy soil specifically designed for top dressing as compost can contain weed seeds.

If you’re lucky enough to have a spreader, use it to apply your top soil; simply put it on the recommended setting and go over your lawn until the top soil runs out. If not, scatter evenly with a spade. Once this is done, use a brush to rub the top soil into your lawn, carefully evening out any lumps.

5. Fertilising

Fertilising ensures that your lawn acquires the right nutrients. Soil needs to contain enough Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium to feed roots and give leaves that luscious green look. Organic fertilizer is the best.

To apply your fertilizer use the same method as applying top soil – use a spreader if you have one; alternatively, use a spade then work into the lawn with a brush. To maintain, you’ll need to fertilize your lawn several times over the year.

6. Aftercare

Once you’ve finished sowing your new lawn, don’t walk on it until the grass has fully germinated. This should take around 1 to 3 weeks depending on how warm it is. You should only water lightly at first to avoid moving the seeds before the roots have had a chance to develop. When the grass is around 1 inch tall, either use a roller or a cylinder mower on its tallest setting and move along the lawn in the direction the grass was sown. Mowing ensures that you maintain the desired landscape design.

Once the grass reaches 3 inches mow an inch off – use this rule of mowing a third off at a time to maintain a healthy lawn. If you don’t have a cylinder mower, you’ll have to roll it after each cut.

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