Make Your Front Yard Look Fabolous With This Landscaping Tips

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You can increase your home’s curb appeal, beautify your neighborhood and create a welcoming entryway to your home by distinctively landscaping your front yard. Keep several factors in mind when designing the front yard, including the style of your home and the amount of time you’ll have to spend on landscape maintenance. The front yard is your home’s calling card. Make a huge street-side impression with the right plants, flowers and landscaping. Not sure where to begin? Get inspired by these front yard landscape ideas.

Front yards are typically used less for recreation than the back yard, so having a small one can be a blessing in terms of reduced need for maintenance. That being said, you still want it to look great–and be functional–which a bit of planning and design can help you achieve.

Landscaping Tips: Make Your Front Yard Lush and Rich

Landscaping Tips: Make Your Front Yard Lush and Rich

We all want our homes to look nice and inviting. However, many of us tend to focus on the interior and completely neglect the exterior. If you want to make your front yard lush and rich, keep on reading for some vital tips.

Paint your front door

A simple and affordable fix that anyone can do is paint their front door. Replacing them altogether can sometimes be expensive but just a little bit of paint can go a long way. So, consider what the façade looks like and what would go best with it. You can make them pop with a bright yellow hue or something blue, but you can also go for black if the door was colorful, to begin with.Shop Related Products

Fix up your façade

The façade is a big part of your home’s curb appeal so you should invest some time and effort to make it look attractive. In terms of the exterior, there are so many options you can go for that you’ll have a hard time deciding. For example, if a simple paint job seems bland to you, you can clad it in wood. Other options include tiles and stone, while you can also opt for the industrial style and use steel as the cladding material. For all of these options, however, it’s important to apply the right treatment so that they can stand the test of time and resist the weather conditions.

Do up your porch

If you have a porch, maybe it needs some TLC as well. Consider changing the flooring and see whether you’d like it to be made from reclaimed wood or natural stone. If you have any furniture there, maybe you can replace it or upholster it to breathe new life into it. You can add some greenery to it or install shades that will block the view of nosy passers-by. On the other hand, if you don’t have a porch, perhaps you can afford to build one and make your home look completely new.

Take care of your lawn

Once you are done with your home’s exterior, you should also take care of your lawn. If it’s nice and green, make sure you mow and water it regularly. There are certain practices when it comes to mowing that you should adopt, such as not mowing it too short and doing it in different patterns. However, if your green patch is not in the best of shapes, you should learn about rejuvenating your lawn so that it can go back to looking gorgeous. Alternatively, if you don’t have time to do regular maintenance of the lawn, you can also install turf.

Plant interesting flowers

Besides the lawn, adding some pretty flowers to your front garden can significantly boost your home’s curb appeal. For instance, you can plant them near the porch or the front door. Perennials like azaleas and hydrangeas will come back every year and provide your front yard with a pop of color. You can also create raised beds that you will accentuate with a stone bed border, make a little flower garden around your mailbox, or even plant a few ornamental colored trees.

Think of the hardscaping

When working on increasing the appeal of your front yard, something else you cannot neglect is hardscaping. For example, you can pour a new concrete driveway or simply fix some cracks. Then, you can add stepping stones that lead to your front door. That way, your lawn will not be ruined and you will create a stunning and inviting vibe. The options you can go for truly abound – again, from pouring concrete in various shapes and colors to installing natural stone or bricks, it all depends on what you want to achieve and the budget at your disposal. If you live in a drought-prone area, you can also consider replacing the lawn and garden with some options that don’t need much water.

Light up space

Finally, what was the point of making your front yard lush and rich if no one can see it? That’s right, you need to properly illuminate it. For one, you can add some sconces next to your front door. Put one on each side of the door so that you achieve that satisfying symmetrical look. Depending on the activities you do on the porch, you might need more light, so keep that in mind as well. You should also ensure that the path to your front door can easily be seen so add some recessed ground lights next to it. You can even look for solar yard lighting fixtures and place them next to the pavers you installed.

From the front door and the façade to the landscaping and hardscaping all the way to lighting, there are many ways how you can approach boosting your curb appeal. See what you are missing, create an overall plan, commit to a budget, and work on making your home the talk of the neighborhood.

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